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Preventive care in Caro

Dental visits are very important in obtaining and maintaining good oral and overall general health. Dental visits at Thumbs Up Dental are done for both preventative and treatment purposes. You should see an experienced dentist at a quality practice like our Caro dental office twice a year for checkups and cleanings.

Preventative care is the best kind of dental treatment. Preventing problems from occurring in the first place saves you time and money and helps to avoid dental procedures. Visiting your Caro dental office for biannual dental visits is an important part of preventative care and is essential for your oral health. The best situation is to prevent dental health problems from developing instead of having to spend time and money and to experience dental procedures that could have otherwise been avoided. Seeing a highly skilled, experienced dentist at a practice like ours at Thumbs Up Dental on a regular basis allows for early detection of dental health problems. Early diagnosis is the key to fixing the problems early. When dental problems are addressed quickly, it allows for a better outcome because it lessens the risk of conditions getting worse and from having to have costlier, possibly more invasive treatments in order to fix them. If you see your dentist and he detects a minor cavity, he can drill and fill it right away, so the condition won’t worsen. However, if you wait until it’s a severe cavity, a more invasive procedure may be necessary. If your dentist diagnoses you with early gum disease (also called gingivitis), it is a lot easier and less expensive to treat than advanced periodontal disease. This is important because advanced gum disease eventually results in tooth loss. Your dental hygienist also plays a very important role in preventative care. You should see her twice a year when you see the dentist. She will provide you with a professional teeth-cleaning.

If it’s been a long time since your last dental visit, don’t wait. Contact our Caro dental office to schedule your appointment today.

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